Established in 2006 in Istanbul, our company has become one of the well-known companies of the sector in a very short time since its establishment. Our expert staff, dynamic and fast moving structure, team spirit, knowledge and customer satisfaction, reflected in the final product has enabled us to reach the target in a very short time.

We are proud of introducing alı Made in Turkey ında in different countries by acting with the aim of being a brand especially in foreign markets. Although we have exported to 35 countries on 4 continents so far, we still continue to export through our overseas dealers.

We made technological investments to reduce our labor costs. By offering innovative and alternative projects, we have provided rational solutions to reduce production and operating costs of our customers. With the desire that we aspire to service without deviating from our main target of customer satisfaction by moving forward with confident and solid steps in the sector; İstanbul Elektrostatik Makina is always in the 10th year with its European standards manufacturing.

İESMAK is proud of having proven its quality with its references by exporting its production facilities to four continents all over the world. Russia, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Germany, Chile, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Israel, Palestine, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria , Georgia, Cyprus, Moldova, Iran and Sudan are some of the countries IESMAK exports.

As IESMAK, "Quality in Service and Production" principle, "Fast solution and meticulous work" principle in a short time, "Healthy Growth" and the goal of using today's technology projects continues with confidence.

İstanbul Elektrostatik Toz ve Yaş Boya Makina İmalat San.Tic.Ltd.

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YB19 Parcel No: 26 Tuzla 34956 Istanbul/Turkey

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