Our vision

We have developed with the aim to be more profitable and competitive digitize our business partners and our Integrated Business Process perfecting our solutions, we are working with the Leader of Turkey's goal of becoming a Technology Distributor.

Acting with the aim of being a brand in the foreign markets, especially with the aim of introducing alı Made in Turkey ında in different country markets, we are proud of meeting our customers. Although we have exported to 35 countries on 4 continents so far, we still continue to export through our overseas dealers.

Our mission

Turkey's Value Added Technology Distributor. With our innovative and integrated supply chain solutions, fully equipped technology centers and technical expertise, we provide operational efficiency and effective business processes, and we advance our business partners.
Our quality policy

  • Value Added Technology Distributor in Turkey, expanding its range of products and services we offer, on the other hand we have to increase the market share of the product dispenser.
  • To be a reliable business partner preferred by our stakeholders with our strength in logistics, our advanced service understanding, our expert technical support and our customer-oriented innovative solutions we provide.
  • To perfect our business processes by moving our processes to digital platforms.
  • To continue to be the leading digital company of our sector. To increase sales efficiency and competitiveness by providing full integration with our digital applications and business partners.
  • To provide better service to consumers by indirectly supporting the sales channel.
  • To ensure the continuity and effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
  • Comply with the requirements of legislation and standards.
  • To improve the quality of our services and to maximize employee engagement by providing a continuous training and development environment in which all employees' talents are developed.
  • Maintain a consistent and reliable company structure based on company strategies and corporate identity.
  • To be an exemplary organization that respects the society and environment we are in.

İstanbul Elektrostatik Toz ve Yaş Boya Makina İmalat San.Tic.Ltd.

İstanbul Deri Org.San.Böl. Yan Sanayi Gelişme Alanı Tabakhane Street
YB19 Parcel No:26 Tuzla 34956 Istanbul / Turkey

T 444 86 28

F 0216 504 27 80