Turkey's leading Value Added Distributor Technology, our company forward in the light of technological advances and products that provide environmental awareness / services, environmental legislation and ISO 14001: 2019 standard to perform the proper conditions.

Our company, which adopts the principle of Çevre Sustainable Environment, Sustainable Growth inde in all its activities in product / service delivery, applies the Environmental Management System it has established in line with the following principles;

• Acting on the principle of Çevre Sustainable Environment,, ensuring and continuously improving the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System implemented with the participation of all employees,
• While performing its products / services in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Management System;
• To ensure full compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation,
• To fully comply with the requirements of ISO 14001: 2019 Environmental Management System Standard,
• To fully comply with the environmental conditions requested by the customers,
• To fully comply with other committed environmental conditions
• To act in cooperation for a clean, livable and sustainable environment with the participation of our employees, subcontractors, visitors and all parties affected by our activities. To carry out activities aimed at raising environmental awareness of all parties,
• Reducing resource (paper, cartridge, etc.) consumption by moving our processes to digital platforms,
• To contribute to environmental performance by reducing natural resource consumption and increasing energy efficiency,
• Preventing environmental pollution and developing plans for recycling by ensuring the proper disposal of wastes generated in product / service realization processes,
• To identify the potential emergencies that may affect the environment during our activities with proactive thinking, to take necessary precautions in advance and to be ready for emergencies,
• To be an exemplary organization that respects the society and environment we are in.

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