It provides high production capacity and efficiency. In this system, the moving parts hanging on the conveyor are prepared for painting as they pass through the active parts of the spray tunnel. As the chemical process, traditional Zinc Phosphate and Iron Phosphate processes and Nano technological process used in recent years are used. The length of the spray tunnel is determined by the chemical process and conveyor speed used. Our engineering department offers you the design of the most efficient line using the most appropriate chemical process according to the part to be painted.


* Tunnel body and tanks are made of Cr-Ni, epoxy painted Black sheet or Plastic material according to the process.
*Tank walls are insulated against heat loss
*In the heating of hot bath tanks, gas and liquid fuel burners are used according to the process with hot water boiler and plate heat exchanger system or directly in the boiler with thermoblock heating system.
*There are steam exhaust fans and operator doors in the appropriate parts of the tunnel..
*The system is controlled via the main plant control panel.

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